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Lonsdale Neo Ankle Support Lonsdale Neo Ankle Support
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Lonsdale Neo Ankle Support

Product Code : FS1975
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Lonsdale London began as a boxing and clothing brand in 1960, but its origins go back to much earlier times. In 1891 the 5th Earl of Lonsdale, Hugh Lowther, (who was President of the National Sporting Club) organized the first boxing matches with gloves following the deaths of three boxers in bare knuckle fights. In 1909 to further the popularity of boxing, Lord Lonsdale began to donate the elaborate ‘Lonsdale Belt’ to the professional boxer who won his British National Championship and successfully defended it twice. This initiated the tradition of a boxer only being regarded as a true champion if he had earned a Lonsdale Belt. In 1929, Lord Lonsdale became the first President of the British Boxing Board of Control. He died in 1944. Lonsdale celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010 with a program of marketing activities and events to lift the brand to its highest point. Inspired by the famous Lonsdale belt and featuring the colours of the Great British Flag, the 50th anniversary logo collection captures the three values that Lonsdale has ingrained into its core - Boxing Heritage, British Culture & Iconic Style. Firmly established as the leading brand of British fight sports equipment and clothing, Lonsdale is steeped in over 50 years of history and, like our ambassadors, Lonsdale products are worldclass, stylish and genuine. The combination of Boxing Heritage with British Culture and an Iconic style makes Lonsdale a true champion both in and out of the ring.

Lonsdale Neo Ankle Support is made of Neoprene blend 40%, nylon 20%, polyester 30%, rubber 10%.

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Measure yourself from your heel to your Big toe.
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206124 ¾
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291118.57 ¼
29 ½11.5197 ½
3012197 ½
3112.519.57 ⅔
31 ½13207 9/11
3213.5207 9/11
32 ½120.58
331.5218 ¼
34221.58 ½
34 ½2.521.58 ½
353228 ⅔
363.522.58 9/11
36 ½4239
374.523.59 ¼
37 ½523.59 ¼
385.5249 ½