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Physical fitness is often taken for granted as people become more preoccupied with fast paced lifestyles. The overall fitness of the body ensures the ability to complete our daily routine without being overcome by fatigue. A combination of the right diet, sufficient exercise and rest will take you a long way. At we focus on encouraging people on getting the best fitness training through the fitness equipment online we offer.

Our online sports store guarantees that you can choose from a wide range of fitness equipment like skipping ropes, hand grips, resistance bands, gym gloves, support for ankles, knees, elbows, heels, thighs, hands, etc, waist belts, lifting straps, sweat bands, gym bags, gym balls, yoga mats, figure twisters, exercise wheels, push up bars, weight trainer bars, door exercisers, dumbbells, and much more from leading brands of fitness equipment online like VectorX, Combat, Nivia, Durus, etc.

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  1. Nivia Tummy Twister

    Nivia Tummy Twister


    Out of stock

    • 1. Two layer Blue structure for more durability
    • 2. Helps to decrease waist size with parody action
    • 3. Box Content: 1 Tummy twister
    • 4. Magnetic field improves circulation
    • 5. Two layer construction for more durability
    • 6. For both Men and Women
    • 7. No congregation required, Comes in good-looking blue black color
    • 8. Twisting platform has magnet embedded to provide magnetic waves
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  2. Nivia Push Up Bar (Designer)

    Nivia Push Up Bar (Designer)


    Out of stock

  3. Nivia Knee Support (Open Patella)
  4. Nivia Cromo Gym Gloves

    Nivia Cromo Gym Gloves


    Out of stock

  5. Nivia Sweat Band (Cotton)

    Nivia Sweat Band (Cotton)


    Out of stock

    The nivia sweat band cotton is made of 100 percent cotton. A sweatband is an elastic band catches sweat when you wear it. It offers excellent sweat absorption. Superior comfort during your rigorous training and fitness sessions. Learn More
  6. Nivia Supreme Gym Belt

    Nivia Supreme Gym Belt


    Out of stock

    Nivia gym belt gives you a strong back support. Helps prevent back injuries while performing back exercises. Learn More
  7. Nivia Wrist Support

    Nivia Wrist Support


    Out of stock

    Nivia wrist Support is recommended for all sports players. It provides a firm support to the wrist and helps prevent and minimizing injuries to the wrist. Essential during heavy lifting and workout. Learn More
  8. Nivia Elbow Support

    Nivia Elbow Support


    Out of stock

  9. Nivia Foam Hand Grip

    Nivia Foam Hand Grip


    Out of stock

  10. Nivia Dominator Bag

    Nivia Dominator Bag


    Out of stock

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